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Also, those waffles from Trader Joe’s are the best.


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July 30, 2006 at 4:28 pm

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An interesting conversation.

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Laiya: can u shut up please
Me: sorry
Me: in essence, never go to russia and say the english word “blot”
Me: i just babble.
Me: new topic?
Laiya: who are you?
Me: liam
Me: …
Me: who are you?
Laiya: grace
Me: laiya’s mom?
Laiya: who’s laiya?
Me: stop, laiya.
Me: you’re confusing me
Laiya: i’m not laiya
Laiya: i’m Grace
Laiya: who are you?
Me: liam.
Laiya: who’s that?
Me: someone who knows laiya
Me: …
Laiya: who’s laiya?
Laiya: nevermind
[at this point i’m starting to believe Laiya’s being hacked]
Me: what kind of computer are you using?
Laiya: a G5
Me: that’s funny, because I was talking to Laiya
Me: and she said she was using a dell
Me: what have you done to her?
Me: you clearly don’t know her.
Me: are you some kind of hacker?
Laiya: are you some kind of stalker?
Me: no.
Laiya: then why are you looking for this so called “laiya”
Laiya: ?
Me: because i know her, and i was on AIM with her, when all of a sudden you come in
Me: out of the blue
Laiya: lol
Laiya: it’s laiya liam
Laiya: did you believe me?
Me: not entirely [which is not entirely true]
Me: it was a good fake
Laiya: byebye
Me: almost as good as when
Me: jack’s sister IMed me and i thought it was jack
[Laiya disconnected]

That conversation took more time to format into an easy-to-read manner than it took to actually say the stuff.

Current mood: Satisfied, but only kind of. I could use some Haagen-dazs dulce-de-leche ice cream.
Currently listening to: Aphex Twin – “Logan Rock Witch”

While I’m just posting some AIM conversations…
9:00:59 PM me: yo.
9:01:06 PM nick: yo
9:01:20 PM me: what’s up?
9:01:49 PM me: taconic tomorrow eh?
9:02:01 PM nick: yea
9:02:24 PM me: play football all day
9:02:30 PM me: and room with cool people
9:02:36 PM me: and it will be fun
9:02:53 PM me: and be careful about what you eat
9:03:44 PM nick: lol
9:04:02 PM me: the brownies and cupcakes are god
9:04:04 PM me: good*
9:04:07 PM me: really good
9:04:18 PM me: and the rice is good
9:04:27 PM me: don’t touch the peas or carrots
9:04:33 PM me: or chicken
9:04:40 PM me: be careful with the burgers
9:04:50 PM me: pancakes and sausages are ok
9:04:55 PM nick: thx
9:07:58 PM me: no prob

See how nice I am?

4:34:30 PM my brother: ah. do you know when he’ll be available? i was trying to reach him on his cell but i guess he’s playing or something
4:35:04 PM me: no
4:35:07 PM me: not really
4:35:13 PM me: he’s still downstairs
4:35:23 PM my brother: ah
4:37:10 PM me: you know dad and his cell

Old people just don’t get technology.

Person of the day: Laiya, for that conversation.
Quote of the day: Look at the conversations above.

In conclusion, you should listen to Aphex Twin (a.k.a. AFX, Caustic Window, etc.)

UPDATE: NEW QoTD: “envika sounds like some kind of swedish energy drink” –Ariel

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July 28, 2006 at 12:57 am

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Nothing happened.

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Don’t worry.

current mood: worried (showcase tomorrow and our rehearsal sucked. a lot.)
currently listening to: dire straits–“sultans of swing” (well, now it’s “Szerencse╠ütlen” by Venetian Snares. Breakcore in 7/8. Joy.)
person of the day: i can’t think.
quote of the day: “Lose the helmet, you look like a pea”–my director, referring to my “knight helmet” (green knight from Monty Python’s Holy Grail)
a close runner-up for quote of the day: Person 1: “Look, I have a new friend!” (referring to me)
Person 2: “Aww, he’s so photogenic!”
The funny part is, I just learned what “photogenic” means about two seconds ago. Thank you Apple Dictionary.

I bought a pack of slide whistles for a dollar at Party City. I’ve already broken one.

Mom wanted me to go to the pool. I said it was late for that, and it’s true. I just don’t want her to think I would rather stay home and write this.

New Welcome to the Scene 2.0 episode today. I’ll tell you how it is latter if you want.

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July 25, 2006 at 10:21 pm

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There ain’t much to say.

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Update: Whatever, I’ll run through the Liam Awards.

Person of the day: Nobody. I was very quiet/reserved today.
Quote of the day: Nobody said anything particularly memorable today.
Currently listening to: Canceling stamps at the University of Ghana Post Office. A classic of African-music bootlegs. Or I was, until a live version of New Order’s “Ceremony” came on (from when Ian Curtis was still alive and they were still Joy Division). Hot.
Day of the day: May 18th, 2006. Most of the school year was a blur, but I clearly remember listening to Joy Division’s entire Preston Warehouse gig and eating meatball parm. This is a new award, which you probably won’t see very much.

For those of you who think something’s up, I will tell all tomorrow, depending on how it goes.

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July 25, 2006 at 12:24 am

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Something I found

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Siamese Fighting Fish

| Strength
| Stamina

Battle Rating

Liam was won on Ebay

Can your fishy beat Liam ?

Scroll down to see today’s earlier entry.

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July 22, 2006 at 2:24 am

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I don’t care if it’s the summer and camp’s fun. I can sleep as late as I want.

I broke out the drum machine not long ago and did three songs. They have traditional rock instrumentation (two guitars, bass), but the drum machine sounds pretty electronic. You’ll hear these whenever I get around to mixing it down. Basic descriptions:

1. [Untitled 1, possibly to be renamed Verpistich later] Drums, bass, sampling. 29/8 time signature. Samples include Ross saying “Verpistich” [“f**k you” in German, I can’t remember how he told me to spell it], me doing my “old person, old country” imitation, someone saying “True dat, ho,” and two samples that are hard to make out. One is a counselor talking to someone who got cut on something, and the other is a reenactment of the “Black Knight” scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail (not the funny part).
2. Untitled 2. Two guitars, bass, drums. Hip-hop-ish beat. I used a non-electric melody generator (I might post a scan of that one day) to get the bassline out. One guitar essentially plays one power chord with filler notes, and the second one is a reverb-soaked (not very difficult) solo.
3. Untitled 3. Two guitars, bass, drums. Fast. Not much to say.

Quote of the day: “So then I became pregnant with twins–[notices my facial expression]–it was a dream I had.” –Shira

Website of the day:

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July 22, 2006 at 12:55 am

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Stuff of today.

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It’s official, the name for that band I’m in with Ross is called the Porn Watchers’ Union (abbreviated to PWU most of the time). We don’t really have any songs yet, but if we’re more serious than a demo tape or two, a cover of Nirvana’s “Spank Thru” will be a setlist fixture. Also, Ross got his cousin into assembly again. And his brother.

Person of the day: Rosa again (out first duplicate winner!), for being responsible for Quote of the Day.
Quote of the day: “So, she texted twice. The firstt one says “I hate you”. The second message says, “The bus broke down, I’ll be late.”


Site of the day:

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July 20, 2006 at 9:49 pm

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