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We’re working hard on the play at camp, and our director says we’ll have a full run-through by Tuesday.

And the homie of the day award is now just person of the day (or man of the day, or woman of the day, depending on my mood). I’m not giving one out, because nobody’s earned it. Not to say it was a bad day. Camp’s fun, but it’s always cool to sleep until 10.

Quote of the day:

“First period free on Wednesdays!
It saves me from dying on those work-filled Tuesday nights. I can think, [‘]Well, get through all your work because you can sleep in your hallway tomorrow morning.[‘] Except that someone told me they shut down our hallway.”–moi, from my old blog. I just had to get off that Tripod site, the pop-up ads almost froze my computer. This was written some time in May when I still had school. I hope we have another first-period free or four next year (because I know we’re going to have at least five and probably more like seven frees a week next year. we only had three last year–boo). It’ll be interesting not being at the bottom of the school anymore. I’m looking ahead a lot, aren’t I?

Last night, I wrote some songs. They’re parodies of different genres. “Typical emo song” and “Typical dance song” are my favorites. I didn’t bother rhyming them. Disclaimer: Some of them are slightly modified from what I put in the notebook.

Typical Emo Song:

I cut myself last night, because fame and chicks make me sad, not to mention infinite royalty checks.

Typical Death-metal Song:


Typical punk song:

Let’s steal money from our parents to buy Clash T-shirts, torn jeans, rocks to throw at car windows, and spray paint to spray the anarchy symbol on government buildings.

Typical (vocal) dance song:

Yeah, ohh, yeah, ohh (repeat ad lib)

Typical krautrock song (excuse my poor German):

Es ist scon spät, der Über hax0r ist krieg. [there’s other stuff in this too. and haxor is an English word, sort of]

Site of the day: Ye Olde Englisc [sic] Wikipedia
That is all.


Written by envika

July 7, 2006 at 10:04 pm

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  1. You need to rewrite the dance song. It needs to have words like “eyes,” “obsession,” and “body” to fill out the yeahs and ohs. Good start though.


    July 11, 2006 at 6:06 pm

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