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I hate you, Windows. I was going to rant about dance music or something that I hate, but you froze on me. Again.

Whatever, I’ll rant about dance music. Pop music, actually.

There are three things that get to me most about mainstream music. You people don’t know a crap about tech secrets,so two (and possibly three) of these concepts are going to be new to you:

  • Artists don’t write their own lyrics
  • Copy/pasting
  • Pitch-correcting

Part of being a singer is writing your own songs, not having an anonymous producer write it. Ask anyone who wrote “God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You,” preferably a girl who’s about 13 or 14 and would have liked N*Sync when anyone cared about them besides their immediate family. They won’t know. I guarantee it. Nobody reads the liner notes. But there are exceptions. Most rappers write their own lyrics, or at least did when they were coming up. And the (slight) majority of rock bands on the radio write their own stuff.

But nobody on pop-radio can get around copy/pasting. What happens is something repeated (the chorus, say) is recorded into Pro Tools. Once. Afterwards, the gaps for the chorus are filled in with the same recording. It’s only a copy-paste. You or I could do it.

Pitch-correcting is popular. If someone hits a wrong note (vocal or instrumental), the engineer opens up a graph where the pitches are marked, and drags the line up and down to his liking.

So that, in short, is why pop music sucks. I just got lazy. Leave comments if you want to know more.


Written by envika

July 19, 2006 at 1:39 am

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