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An interesting conversation.

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Laiya: can u shut up please
Me: sorry
Me: in essence, never go to russia and say the english word “blot”
Me: i just babble.
Me: new topic?
Laiya: who are you?
Me: liam
Me: …
Me: who are you?
Laiya: grace
Me: laiya’s mom?
Laiya: who’s laiya?
Me: stop, laiya.
Me: you’re confusing me
Laiya: i’m not laiya
Laiya: i’m Grace
Laiya: who are you?
Me: liam.
Laiya: who’s that?
Me: someone who knows laiya
Me: …
Laiya: who’s laiya?
Laiya: nevermind
[at this point i’m starting to believe Laiya’s being hacked]
Me: what kind of computer are you using?
Laiya: a G5
Me: that’s funny, because I was talking to Laiya
Me: and she said she was using a dell
Me: what have you done to her?
Me: you clearly don’t know her.
Me: are you some kind of hacker?
Laiya: are you some kind of stalker?
Me: no.
Laiya: then why are you looking for this so called “laiya”
Laiya: ?
Me: because i know her, and i was on AIM with her, when all of a sudden you come in
Me: out of the blue
Laiya: lol
Laiya: it’s laiya liam
Laiya: did you believe me?
Me: not entirely [which is not entirely true]
Me: it was a good fake
Laiya: byebye
Me: almost as good as when
Me: jack’s sister IMed me and i thought it was jack
[Laiya disconnected]

That conversation took more time to format into an easy-to-read manner than it took to actually say the stuff.

Current mood: Satisfied, but only kind of. I could use some Haagen-dazs dulce-de-leche ice cream.
Currently listening to: Aphex Twin – “Logan Rock Witch”

While I’m just posting some AIM conversations…
9:00:59 PM me: yo.
9:01:06 PM nick: yo
9:01:20 PM me: what’s up?
9:01:49 PM me: taconic tomorrow eh?
9:02:01 PM nick: yea
9:02:24 PM me: play football all day
9:02:30 PM me: and room with cool people
9:02:36 PM me: and it will be fun
9:02:53 PM me: and be careful about what you eat
9:03:44 PM nick: lol
9:04:02 PM me: the brownies and cupcakes are god
9:04:04 PM me: good*
9:04:07 PM me: really good
9:04:18 PM me: and the rice is good
9:04:27 PM me: don’t touch the peas or carrots
9:04:33 PM me: or chicken
9:04:40 PM me: be careful with the burgers
9:04:50 PM me: pancakes and sausages are ok
9:04:55 PM nick: thx
9:07:58 PM me: no prob

See how nice I am?

4:34:30 PM my brother: ah. do you know when he’ll be available? i was trying to reach him on his cell but i guess he’s playing or something
4:35:04 PM me: no
4:35:07 PM me: not really
4:35:13 PM me: he’s still downstairs
4:35:23 PM my brother: ah
4:37:10 PM me: you know dad and his cell

Old people just don’t get technology.

Person of the day: Laiya, for that conversation.
Quote of the day: Look at the conversations above.

In conclusion, you should listen to Aphex Twin (a.k.a. AFX, Caustic Window, etc.)

UPDATE: NEW QoTD: “envika sounds like some kind of swedish energy drink” –Ariel

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July 28, 2006 at 12:57 am

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