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Today started out in interesting fashion.

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So we need some background information first. I am going to protect some names here, just in case. Any protected names are in quotations. “Rachael” (ligatures rule!) is someone in my play. She is (although I don’t like to say this) obnoxiously ugly. And she has a scary voice. It’s all nasal. I have to pretend to be married to her (in cast 1. my cast 2 wife is okay) in the play. “Ben” is the main character in the play and he has to hit on “Rachael” during the course of the show. And Rosa (her real name, because I’ve mentioned her before) is the only one who can really talk to “Rachael”. “Rachael” is not very emotionally stable to begin with, but the fact that “Ben” reminds her of someone who she sorely (desperately, actually) misses (we’ll call him Joseph). She’s always a little unhappy, but since she figured out that “Ben” looks like “Joseph,” she’s been prone to silent crying fits. My director will be called “Barbara.” Don’t criticize my name choices.

So I walk into our small but cavernous rehearsal space. Rosa and crew are already there. I have to go to the bathroom so I just drop my stuff off, and when I come back, “Barbara” is there. “Rachael” shows up shortly thereafter with the usual facial expression. The director sees this and somehow thinks it’s worse than usual, so she asks her, “Bad day already?” “Rachael”‘s reply: “*sniffle* no *sniffle sniffle*.” Rosa, being the…ummm…compassionate person she is, takes her out for a long, long talk. I seriously considered being mean and eavesdropping. But I’m cool. Anyway, “Barbara” takes “Rachael” to the guidance counselor (yes, our camp has a guidance counselor). “Ben” shows up. When I tell him about what happened, he had his usual expression (half-laughing, half-“what did she do this time?”), and relates the hilarious story of “Barbara” imitating “Rachael”‘s voice when they were practicing lines when everyone else was in their minor.

Man, being a theater major rules. If you didn’t think that was funny, you really have to know everyone involved.

Quote of the day: “Bad day already?” – my director
Person of the day: My director.
Current mood: Reminiscing (did I spell that correctly?) about something funny, so I guess “mildly amused” is a good term.
Currently listening: G.G. Allin – “Bite It, You Scum”


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August 1, 2006 at 1:01 am

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