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An interesting day.

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1. During play rehearsal, the director was cool and let (almost) everyone go see the musical-rep show. They ruled. She detained two people today and made them memorize. Hah.
2. One of the other directors gave us doughnut-holes from Dunkin’ Donuts. They were the greatest.
3. Assembly sucked, as usual.
4. It wasn’t that hot, but I went swimming anyway.
5. Much of recreation was spent either out back in archery or watching my friends trying to create funny love triangles.
6. The ride home sucked and was way too long. As usual.
7. I walked home from the bus stop, which also sucked.
8. But alas, I finally got home and proceeded to rot my brains on this damn machine.
9. Around 6:20 I decided I was going to work on my 45-minute sound collage. I put in a long drum solo, and this is the best part:
10. Midway through, some kids outside were walking, and since my window was open, I heard them yelling: “Hey dude, keep playing!” I don’t care if my sexy drum solo was cut short, it was too priceless to record over. Next to go on record is that weird Russian zither that my mom bought for me at a rummage sale when I was four. It doesn’t stay in tune at all, and by pressing on an adjacent string you can create vibrato.
11. Dad ended up making dinner.
12. I’m tired and worried about the play Wednesday. It’s either going to be a train wreck or will be okay. I will go to bed now. I feel like pwning noobs, in my sleep.

My “ownage” T-shirt has now reached almost “unworn” status.

Quote of the Day: “Seduction is for lesbians–Hey Amanda, wanna–?” – Kimberly.

The iceman dieth.


Written by envika

August 8, 2006 at 1:17 am

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