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Camp is over. Today I’m going to some music store with my dad and some guy upstairs who plays guitar. I depart for the west coast on Tuesday. I’m about half-done with the sound collage.

Quote of the Day: “But we made it into MUSICAL REP, so it sucks to be YOU this year!” –someone at camp
Song of the day (and possibly the week, or even month, except Chad Channing is a terrible drummer): Nirvana – “Sappy”
Person of the day: None, really.

I am tired. Very.

More interesting AIM conversations:

9:12:08 PM me: did you get tania’s aim?
9:12:17 PM dan: no she has email
9:12:25 PM dan: she was screaming at torrence [his real name]
9:12:29 PM me: HA
9:12:30 PM dan: b/c he gave
9:12:33 PM dan: nick her email
9:12:37 PM dan: its so funny
9:12:37 PM me: HAAA
9:12:47 PM me: that’s great
9:12:52 PM dan: yep
9:16:49 PM me: tania is awesome
9:18:01 PM dan: sure
9:18:23 PM me: i wonder if nick’s written to her yet?
9:18:33 PM dan: i doubt it
9:19:04 PM me: “tania i mith yooooo alweady! sniffle”
9:19:10 PM me: “about that date…
9:19:12 PM me: ”
9:19:14 PM dan: lol
9:19:23 PM me: “SECKS!”
9:19:24 PM dan: definitily
9:19:51 PM dan: ok u can stop now

5:09:32 PM me: i’ll be online later if ya need me
5:09:37 PM me: ciao
5:09:58 PM alex: ciao
5:10:22 PM me: aay
5:10:31 PM me: i’m the italian one here
5:11:14 PM me: this will be a long one….
5:11:29 PM alex: aay i’m the italian one [he’s Chinese, for future reference]
5:11:43 PM me: you are?
5:11:47 PM me: lies.
5:11:50 PM me: all
5:11:53 PM me: blatant
5:11:55 PM me: lies
5:11:56 PM me: .
5:12:00 PM alex: you are
5:12:11 PM me: a quarter or so
5:12:51 PM me: ………………….
5:12:55 PM alex: a quarter or so
5:13:03 PM alex: …………………….
5:13:07 PM me: stop copying me
5:13:13 PM me: loser
5:13:19 PM alex: he he

It took me a second.


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August 12, 2006 at 2:35 pm

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