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7:36:08 PM me: izzy with her schizophrenic buddy icon
7:36:19 PM izzy: its a castfrom but yes
7:36:27 PM izzy: aah i always do that
7:36:35 PM izzy: its a castform not a castfrom
7:37:30 PM me: whatever
7:37:33 PM me: it’s special
7:40:37 PM me: that’s what daniel looks like when he does his seizure routine
7:40:46 PM izzy: okay…

4:32:42 PM cece: damn ms [social studies teacher]
4:32:53 PM me: i hate her too
4:32:55 PM me: well
4:32:56 PM me: no
4:33:09 PM me: i don’t hate her so much
4:33:12 PM me: it’s the work
4:33:14 PM cece: damn her 2 helllllllllllllllllllll
4:33:20 PM cece: yeah ur right
4:33:28 PM cece: damn the hw 2 hellllllllllllllllllllllllllll
4:33:57 PM me: yup
4:34:04 PM me: when am i ever not?
4:34:20 PM cece: ever not wat
4:34:25 PM me: right
4:34:57 PM cece: o
4:36:10 PM cece: i swear if we ever have any more hw assignments like this im gonna eat something dangerouse

[this one was my favourite, but someone wanted it deleted, and i am true to my word]

5:41:21 PM stephen: hey what does bipolar mean?
5:41:25 PM stephen: im naive
5:41:41 PM me: someone who’s bipolar
5:41:59 PM me: has two completely different attitudes that switch off
5:42:10 PM stephen: k thx
5:42:16 PM me: so one day they’re nice and helping you carry in the groceries
5:42:24 PM me: then they’re axe murderers
5:42:42 PM stephen: cool
5:42:44 PM stephen: im bipolar!
5:42:45 PM stephen: yay
5:42:47 PM me: wow.
5:43:04 PM stephen: what u nvr noticed it?
5:43:07 PM stephen: …
5:43:08 PM me: no
5:43:10 PM me: i did

I am currently home alone until about 5.

Written by envika

August 26, 2006 at 12:38 am

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