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Actually, it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

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Arrive – 9:00. Screwed around in the lobby until some people I half-know showed up.
Start – 10:40-ish. It was a long wait.
They divided us up into nine classes, and we went with a science teacher with a southern accent.

He gave us everything we needed, then we took photos.

I attempted to see where my locker was but couldn’t. All I know is that it’s across the hall from the computer lab. So even if the real hallway (where all the normal people have their lockers) gets shut down, I’m not affected by it.

After leaving the building, I devoured a pizza and a Vitamin Water and got on the bus.

Now I’m home, hoping our teachers tomorrow are cool.

Quote of the day: “Quick, who do we have for Spanish?” – Caroline
Person of the day: The slightly strange ID photographer.
Current mood: Not sure, really.
Current song: Children of Bodom – “Everytime I Die”

Late update: Guess who “X” is! (I’m “L”)

X: i would like to attend an all girls school
L: ha
L: but only if they were all hot
X: yeah
X: but
X: the chances are dramtically increased
L: of getting an std?
X: no
X: of a lot of them being hot
L: true
X: plus
X: since im th only guy
L: all to yourself!
X: they’ll be deperate
L: hahahahahahaha
L: muahahaha
X: oh if only that was possible
X: well actually i wouldnt want a totally all girls school
L: i get what you’re saying
X: like some kool guys
X: maybe 80-20 girls
X: would be good
L: yes
L: very

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September 6, 2006 at 11:29 pm

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