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the hax0r first day.

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It was really awesome, because we only had four classes.

First Period: Was supposed to be part of triple gym, but there were some problems so they gave us a freebie. I hung out with some of my friends while the rest of the class went outside.
Second: Gym. Well, no. The guy just introduced all the stuff. He was…meh, okay.
Third: More gym. Saw a video on drowning prevention. If you’re as immature as we are, the last part seemed a little…pedophiliac. In a poetic sort of way. Creepy. But the teacher let us out about seven minutes early.
Fourth: Lunch. I went to a deli, got a breakfast sandwich, and ate it in even less time than the slice. This behavior has got to stop.
Fifth: English. That guy is the coolest.
Sixth: Spanish. She’s such an improvement from…my last teacher.
Seventh: Social Studies. Medium.
I had eighth free so I came home.

Quote: “Very Ancient” — written under the “condition” column in my Spanish textbook.

Written by envika

September 8, 2006 at 12:43 am

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