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Seeing a depraved shock image depicting an STD – bad
Being trolled into seeing a depraved shock image depicting an STD – really bad
Being trolled into seeing a depraved shock image depicting an STD when your mother just so happens to be looking your way – Murdersome.

I talked my way out (truthfully of course), but now she doesn’t trust one of my friends. So in that respect it sucks. I’m gonna have trouble with girls for years after seeing that. As my brother said, “pretty scary though, huh? that’s why you need to wrap that shit up”.

Seconds before Daniel trolled me,
8:09:47 PM daniel: liam2>liam
8:09:52 PM me: every saturday night
8:09:54 PM daniel: liam2 has double the liam
8:09:56 PM daniel: so
8:09:59 PM daniel: its better
8:10:01 PM daniel: liam1
8:10:04 PM daniel: is inferior
8:10:07 PM daniel: to
8:10:09 PM daniel: liam2
8:10:25 PM daniel: liam2 crossed the border from iraq to iran without getting shot

8:11:13 was the time of the sacred message, which I will delete because people will click it.

But I go to John’s house tomorrow, so it’s cool. Good night[mares].

Written by envika

September 23, 2006 at 7:17 am

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  1. […] Bad: -We did like nothing in gym. -I so screwed my English paper. -Even though I’m cool with Dan now, he keeps calling me “crusty pizza.” I maybe part-Italian but I am NOT crusty! Actually, that’s the title of the STD photo he showed me. Vivid, huh? Another thing I screwed at school was my locker my Global Studies homework. There was a lot wrong with it, but the thing is, she said my handwriting was crap and suggested I typed from now on. FYI, Ms. K (as she will be referred to), I am handwriting my assignments for you because when I become famous, if you’re enough of a control freak to keep all your papers, it’s just like having an autograph! Except you don’t have to clumsily ask for it while I’m hiding from the public with my oversized sunglasses. […]

    Untitled « Ĕn’-vĭ-kǝ

    September 29, 2006 at 1:05 am

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