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-Monday off, Wednesday’s a half day.
-Vincent always has his textbooks that we can borrow. In case we forget something.
-The Doppler Effect, which makes the honking horns outside my window kind of cool.
-I’m going to ace tomorrow’s math test.
-Why do I know so many foreign swearwords?

-We did like nothing in gym.
-I so screwed my English paper.
-Even though I’m cool with Dan now, he keeps calling me “crusty pizza.” I maybe part-Italian but I am NOT crusty! Actually, that’s the title of the STD photo (the link is within my blog, and does not contain the picture) he showed me. Vivid, huh?
Another thing I screwed at school was my locker my Global Studies homework. There was a lot wrong with it, but the thing is, she said my handwriting was crap and suggested I typed from now on. FYI, Ms. K (as she will be referred to), I am handwriting my assignments for you because when I become famous, if you’re enough of a control freak to keep all your papers, it’s just like having an autograph! Except you don’t have to clumsily ask for it while I’m hiding from the public with my oversized sunglasses.

-Caroline’s fake Hindi accent. Unconvincing, but really funny.
-The English teacher. Screamingly funny.

-The Oprah episode that Mom’s watching. Stop smiling, you pedophile! It’s really scary.
This is my most cynical post, ever. On any of the blogs I’ve ever written. Also the only one with pictures.

Myspace users are freepy. To outline this, I wrote a short story, but it’s not finished.

Goodbye, I have to put away the laundry.

Written by envika

September 29, 2006 at 1:04 am

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