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Well, I’ve been neglecting this blog for a while. I was going to post at lunch, but I had to get to class. A summary of the week since Monday:
Monday: Nothing special. Finished up the board for the hellth project (hell + th).
Tuesday: Presented. Or tried to. Except someone (blame-shifting time) left the notecards in the hallway, but the teacher was cool and let us present “first thing next class” and we’d be dropped a plus or minus. I ate at the Sugar Bar, which was very good. Of course, then I had to go home and work frantically. I was up until 12:30, which never happens. I called one of the other guys in the group and found out that he was sick, but I still did all that I needed to do.
Wednesday: We didn’t present, so I was happy. But I was completely out of it all day.
Thursday: Happy day. I went to the off-campus class, then came back for three classes in the afternoon (including a Global test, the class of which I almost fell asleep in the day before. I aced it, and I know it).
Friday (today): Finally presented. There was some last-minute panic as Marissa lost her notecards, but we sorted it out. We went in, and thought we were horrible, but a few people said it was okay, so I say a fundamental B, which will become a B- for being stupid and not being able to present on Tuesday.

One other thing I should mention: I made some people crack up in math class, when I successfully answered a question that he hadn’t explicitly taught us how to answer, and we had to figure it out. I didn’t really know how I got the answer, so when he asked me how I did it, I answered, with a dead serious expression, “Because I’m a leet haxor.” There was an eerie moment of silence before the outburst of laughs (I’m a bad comedian, so I laughed too, once it had sunk in what I actually said). Someone said, “WTF?” (literally), but she was an AOLer who didn’t understand the subtle difference between leetspeak and noobspeak.

Poor teach’ didn’t get it. Maybe it’s better that way.

Why am I listening to Terror Squad right now?

Update: Hilarious conversation, on the subject of Jaclyn (search through the July/august archive)

8:43:06 PM andrea: She showed us this picture
8:43:10 PM andrea: *his
8:43:18 PM andrea: and then she started talking about how he had really liked her
8:43:23 PM andrea: and she thought he was ugly
8:43:29 PM me: outright lies
8:43:30 PM andrea: but then she saw “what a nice butt he had”
8:43:32 PM andrea: I know
8:43:35 PM me: OOOOOH
8:43:36 PM andrea: I don’t think anyone would like her
8:43:38 PM andrea: so then
8:43:40 PM andrea: I said
8:44:02 PM andrea: “Well, next time you see him. Just go up to him and say
8:44:13 PM andrea: HEY!!! nice butt.”
8:44:19 PM andrea: and then wink
8:44:28 PM andrea: “That’s how I got my boyfriend”
8:44:30 PM me: (makes uncharacteristic high-pitched scream)
8:44:34 PM andrea: yeah
8:44:39 PM andrea: but it was funny
8:44:41 PM me: do you have a boyfriend?
8:44:43 PM andrea: and she believed me
8:44:44 PM andrea: no
8:44:47 PM andrea: that’s what makes it funnier
8:44:51 PM me: tee hee
8:44:54 PM me: owned
8:45:01 PM andrea: and she said
8:45:02 PM andrea: “OH!”
8:45:05 PM andrea: “YAY!”
8:45:09 PM andrea: “THANK YOU!!”
8:45:31 PM me: Oh my…words cannot describe how utterly stupid that is.
8:45:40 PM andrea: I know…
8:45:47 PM andrea: meanwhile we were all cracking up
8:45:51 PM andrea: and then Kathryn asked me
8:45:56 PM me: ooh, you laughed?
8:45:58 PM andrea: “Andrea, do you even HAVE a boyfriend?”
8:46:02 PM me: ah
8:46:05 PM andrea: and I said “no.”
8:46:10 PM andrea: It was very interesting
8:46:13 PM andrea: I meant it as a joke
8:46:20 PM andrea: however…Jaclyn didn’t take it that way.
8:46:29 PM me: she took it as advice

It’s funny because nobody will ever be attracted to Jaclyn. Good night.


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October 21, 2006 at 5:00 am

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  1. omg, that must have been soo funny, poor andrea, i kind of feel bad for jaclyn in a very very smallish way…she makes things funny though



    March 29, 2007 at 5:58 pm

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