Stoopid Sheep



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4:24:45 PM me: nice to meet you
4:24:48 PM me: i’m john
4:24:55 PM stephanie: no, u r liam
4:25:15 PM me: liam?
4:25:17 PM me: liam???
4:25:19 PM me: OHHZ
4:25:21 PM me: that liam
4:25:32 PM me: i ate him some time in october
4:25:40 PM me: he tasted like pork
4:25:50 PM stephanie: i just talked to u yesterday
4:26:01 PM me: i have a piece of the brain left, you want it?
4:26:18 PM stephanie: wtf
4:26:21 PM me: it can be a talking point at study parties
4:26:32 PM me: humans are so [censored in the best interests of small children] up
4:26:34 PM me: i’m a centaur
4:26:43 PM stephanie: ????
4:26:51 PM stephanie: what is up wit u
4:26:59 PM me: my brother is liam
4:27:05 PM me: except he’s dead
4:27:09 PM me: car accident
4:27:16 PM me: i cried for seconds
4:27:17 PM stephanie: stop
4:27:26 PM stephanie: thats not funny
4:27:29 PM me: am i confusing you?
4:27:31 PM me: hi
4:27:33 PM me: it’s liam
4:27:41 PM me: it’s not fun being regurgitated
4:27:49 PM stephanie: f u
4:27:52 PM me: i think he still has a piece of my kidney
4:27:56 PM stephanie: i got upset
4:28:07 PM me: …
4:28:15 PM me: you take things too seriouisly

Written by envika

December 15, 2006 at 2:28 am

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  1. That wasnt funny at the time but now when i look back at it , it really is, and im really bored so thats why im posting this comment, …. oh yeah, remember in usdan when u and andrew tried to give me a lollypop and i threw it into the woods…good times….thats was funny….

    i guess thats it….

    Steph (the idiot who takes everything seriously)

    December 31, 2006 at 6:14 am

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