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science fair paper finished!

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i think it’s pretty decent, i hope  our good old southern boy thinks so too (aka the guy grading it, i stuck in a banjo reference to make him happy). i’m mad at the world, because we have three tests tomorrow morning. there was supposed to be only one but the two that we were supposed to take today were delayed — guest speaker in one, teacher absence in the other. and i can’t use the extra time to study more because i’m too busy on this damn science fair. let’s recount:

  • health – going to be impossible. caroline’s term “bitch on wheels” to describe this class is not inaccurate.
  •  global – mercifully open-notebook, but still fairly hard
  • math – not too  bad. i have to redeem my previous 79 though.

anyone want to go to sleep instead of study more? i certainly do. oh, and i went to one of dad’s friend’s christmas parties. i got to sit in on drums for three songs. so there was a bit of a break.

youtube links to make your day brighter:

good dead night.


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December 20, 2006 at 9:15 am

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