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Stoner Soup!

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Some material from my one-man band, Stoner Soup. Download the .zip file, expand it, and listen to the mp3s. I’m trying to do a real ABM move here — get this thing out to a few people and have the file deleted so it remains underground. Remember, I’m a recluse here.

You can visit the official SS website at

Enjoy (not!), and leave comments on the music.


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February 24, 2007 at 12:01 am

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from the archives of my NOW WORKING COMPUTER!!!

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7:51:59 PM Corey: is that envika blog u
7:52:05 PM Me: yes
7:52:15 PM Corey: its cool
7:52:21 PM Me: hell yeah
8:07:18 PM Me: you, calling me cool
8:07:20 PM Me: wait

corey… i’m not on bad terms with him per se, but the above conversation is still unlike him…

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February 22, 2007 at 1:32 am

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update (finally)

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one parent asleep, the other just got home. he’ll probably kill me for being up this late (11:30 on a vacation). ok, i was right. anyway, i just felt like typing something to show that i still care about the wordpress site. sort of. thanks to those that care about how my break is going. it’s not particularly interesting/fun, but i’m glad to have it.

latest news on PWU — we have considered a full lineup overhaul. that’s right! it’d look something like this:

  • Jacob – lead vocals (usually), keyboards, frontman
  • Ross – lead and backing vocals, lead guitar
  • Matthew – rhythm guitar
  • someone whose name has not been disclosed – bass (upright?)
  • Me – drums, occasional screaming

i also recorded some of my solo tape works for the first time in over a month (barring the stoner soup/febnun projects), and it’s possible that I’ll make some copies for people. it’s free but be good. and when i get the stoner soup demo back, i’ll pass that around as well.

dad’s kicking me off the computer. good night to you.

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February 20, 2007 at 9:33 am

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holy shiznit

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only one more week of school until february break! here’s this week’s outlook:

  • monday: handing in global crap that i need to start…
  • tuesday: really easy day! only two classes in the afternoon. how awesome!
  • wednesday: first period free, but we also get out at 3:30. can’t have it all i guess. it’s also valentine’s day. anyone staying single with me?
  • thursday: double wrestling which is gonna suck theater trip for CT, which is probably going to suck too, but we get to miss global which can’t be a bad thing.
  • friday: boring day. math test that i am going to fail.

while we’re at it, here’s how march, april, may, and june look so far:

  • march: lots of school. 2.5 days off, which for us is not a lot. but i get to laugh at all the retards who took latin when they have to take a national test on the 14th. owned.
  • april: 7 days off not counting weekends. ha ha ha!
  • may: sucks. only memorial day off, and one half day. but BRICK and CARNIVAL happen then. ON THE SAME DAY no less! not to mention my birthday.
  • june: school til the 14th, and then whatever i’m doing over the summer, which i’ve been a lazy ass and haven’t decided. i don’t mind staying home all summer — a lot of my friends do it — but mom is a different story. she thinks i’ll develop muscular degeneration if i stay home.

then i enter the Xth grade (see if you can’t figure it out) and continue my long high school journey. now i’m depressed. ross, if PWU manages to stay functional all through high school, that would be something.

enough of this. i have work. god DAMN it.

people of the day: ross for getting the mixes of our last session done, yvonne and michelle for leaving no doubt in my mind about what the global homework is. whichis what i’m now going to do.

people of yesterday: whoever runs Vic’s in Bradley Beach (NJ) for hooking me up with some really good pizza; the guy who runs drum alley for selling me the “drum machines have no soul” sticker; whoever uploaded the cheat for me to unlock all the levels in THUG2.

people of friday: dad’s friend rick for talking incessantly to me about drum equipment, and offering to trade his Istanbul splash cymbal; isaiah for getting one of my old textbooks

people who i’m on undetermined terms with: lucas, corey, nick l

quote of the day:

me: hah
me: i wasn’t lying
anna: you did NOT need to tell her [name withheld] had a hole in his crotch.
anna: although i find that hilarious

people i should hang out with more: jack, connor
people that i can never be friends with, and am resigned to that fact: nick l, leo
self-harm device of the day: contaminated hypodermic syringe
S&M gear of the day: cat o’ nine tails whip
most likely to use above devices: patrick stump of fall out boy
music game of the day: “incongruous rhythm sections”. my favorite is elton john, charles mingus, and joey jordison (slipknot)
worst person to sit next to you: moyouri (kevin: “her hair is like a…cotton field”; caroline: “eww, my nose like, burns up when i sit next to her”)
best person to sit next to you: vincent (kevin is a close second)
watch your step with: corey (will certainly ignore you in an obnoxious way)
avoid getting your cellphone stolen by: daniel s
band that sucks: fall out boy, for daring to release another album
slacker class: art. if she assigns you to draw a flower and you draw a penis, she’ll say it’s great work.
class i’m glad not to take anymore: health
most boring class: science
most annoying class: global (gym is the distant second, but at least the teacher is nice)
awesomest class: english
hot teacher: lol (kevin on global teacher: “fuck her” me: “eww, can you imagine?”)
best day: tuesday
worst day: wednesday, or mayyyyyybe friday. but it’s also friday.
current mood: procrastinatory
currently listening to: an ambient mix of my CPU humming, a motorcycle trying to rev up, the heater hissing, and something on the table shaking.

that concludes Liam’s List for today. stay tuned for next time.

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February 12, 2007 at 2:09 am

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i need to find a better way to make these weekends last.

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there are two ways to look at the school year:

  1. february already?
  2. only february?

right now i’m siding with the second one. man, i don’t even look at the friggin calendar anymore, it’s too depressing. i wasted this day (slept til 12, schlepped out to new jersey to get some stuff, screwed around at home from about 6 to 10) completely. what’s more depressing is how i’m currently reading my brother’s livejournal and realizing that there aren’t many opportunities to play music. except jazz band which already has a better drummer than i could hope to be, and jam club where everyone’s about to graduate. there are two bands floating around (nick/sophie/jacob’s and corey/james’) but nick’s has a good drummer (with a real kit!) already, who i kinda couldn’t replace. as for the other one, they have a drummer who i’m supposedly better than, and i’m cool with james, but i’m rocky with corey most of the time and i’m sure they rehearse at the drummer’s house, where there’s actual space. also they don’t give a damn, they’re just playing covers that every kid knows because they’re so easy. i don’t know if any of them can sing either. so PWU stays and hopefully i can get something done with daniel w who is taking up guitar eventually. he doesn’t have to be good, we’d just sing random crap about 1337 haxors, STD photos, etc.

enough emoness. my brother’s 21st is tomorrow, and i get to eat out which i did anyway today. philly cheesesteak. yum. and the super bowl. i will bet 5 dollars on the colts. any takers? didn’t think so.

leave a comment. anyone. please.

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February 4, 2007 at 8:14 am

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intersession break

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…it was boring but i got to sleep and play video games so it wasn’t too bad. and we did a PWU session. we got a lot done considering how little time we had — two hours.

  • Unspoken Underground Machinery of Mankind. My instrumental that Ross doesn’t think much of but we did anyway.
  • When I Come Around. Has nothing to do with that ancient Green Day song. Ross wrote it a while ago and we recorded it. There were some creative differences involving the tempo which we settled in his favor.
  • Barbie Girl Stopped Being Funny In 1950. We had this title for a while and both wrote completely different versions on our own. Ross’ version survived. I sung some of the original Barbie Girl lyrics at the beginning really off key in the highest falsetto I could manage. Turned out pretty friggin awesome.
  • People With Oversized Sunglasses Should Be Turned Into Flies. Re-recording with the actual instrument switches. Nothing beats the original but it was ok.
  • Confused Farmer Manufacturing Commission. Mine. This one was done quickly, pretty one-off.

We’re not sure what to do with these songs–they’d be good for a split with someone. The songs turned out okay but don’t go that well together.

On the real-life side of things, I have school again tomorrow. I’m not too bummed, although I’d love not to go back for another week. My brother’s birthday (and the Super Bowl) is Sunday. We’re getting him a guitar to kick around with (he plays bass with a bunch of bands that have odd rehearsal spaces), so I might get a mandolin if I can find one dirt cheap. I’m set back after getting the Nirvana box set.

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February 1, 2007 at 6:48 am

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