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I’m currently at home, typing this. For those of you who aren’t currently on AIM reading my away message, I also cleaned out my binder!!!!!!1 And my room to some extent. The only things that I’m remotely worried about are the Global assignments of true evil and the art project of truer evil. Actually, it’s less true of an evil, because I’m going to do that on Friday a week before it’s due.

Announcement in case you’re a fan: Dissonant Execution is recording their first proper release (barring the Instrumental EP which doesn’t really count) on Sunday. I have no idea what songs we’re doing, but I have two, Ross has two, and Jacob* has significantly more. Plus some covers. If we work fast we might end up with ten songs, depending on the length of the session. We did five in under two hours last time, and even though they were incredibly sloppy and erratic for the most part it was still five whole songs.

I have to go out and exert myself in a few minutes (a.k.a. run some errands). Arrrrgh.

To entertain you briefly:

*Not the really tall, acne’d Jacob who I don’t even know and have no right to talk about because of that.

From the archives… (NOTE: This is one of the only times I’ve ever edited a conversation. I did it to protect the identity of the person on the other end.)

9:47:04 PM Me: have you ever been tricked into seeing an std photo?
9:47:30 PM [name withheld]: i looked at them voluntarily out of morbid curiosity
9:48:09 PM Me: i got trolled
9:48:12 PM Me: twice as worse
9:48:16 PM [name withheld]: aw man
9:48:19 PM [name withheld]: pwned

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March 4, 2007 at 1:55 pm

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