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To make up for my trend of hellishly short posts…

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I am going to try and make this one long.

I’ll start with my favorite activity, quoting people!

“E-di-ble Children!
Sekai chuu ni, afure
Otonatachi was futotteru
De-li-cious Children!
Hora muchuu ni natte
Kutabacchi maeyo!” — Taken from Stephen’s AIM profile.

I’ll try not to do that anymore. I’m going to go by the book here and go class-by-class etc., something I haven’t done in a very long time. So after getting up and packing stuff for the museum (more on that later), I got on the subway (a rare enough occurrence) and got to school around 7:45, giving me ample time to finish the homework that I was too dead to finish last night.

  1. CT – the typical beginning-of-semester CT class. We played games. Next week we start to actually do monologue-related stuff. It ain’t gonna be a slacker class for long.
  2. What did I have second? Oh, art. right. Art’s okay when she isn’t giving you one of those impossible quiz/tests. I suck at drawing in perspective though. This was a double period and I had lunch 4th, so fifth period was the next “class”
  3. bleh
  4. bleh
  5. English. This barely counts as a class, because we went to see the Asian Cultural Society performance. It was better last year, but maybe that was because we saw it FOUR TIMES in one day. I miss those days…
  6. Spanish. Typical Spanish class, except Aje was out so not really.
  7. Science. I forgot to even start my lab report but the lab required little thought so I got away with it. Otherwise it wasn’t very interesting…as usual…
  8. Math. Whatever. I did…stuff. and…more stuff. screw capitals, it’s almost 11.30 and i’m mad tired.
However i must mention my post-school-ness. i had to go to the museum which shall not be named here, and i didn’t know what bus to take. but jack, who happened to be walking downstairs at the time, saved me because he happens to take that bus home. he already did the project a while ago, so i was left alone. or so i thought. a lot of people i knew had the same idea, which was cool but also kinda annoying. i did the whole thing. three friggin hours. sorry about the sudden italicness, i didn’t know it was going to happen. then i had steak. really good steak. and my droning is a sure sign that i’m tired and should go to bed. eventually…
mood: beat
now listening to: bad brains – “sailin’ on” (one of the finest moments in hardcore punk) 
good night. 

Written by envika

March 9, 2007 at 11:38 pm

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  1. which museum?


    March 11, 2007 at 8:39 am

  2. the met


    March 11, 2007 at 9:45 am

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