Stoopid Sheep


Ah, good times.

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6:24:00 PM caroline: you can’t hostly sit there
6:24:04 PM caroline: and say you haven’t like
6:24:10 PM caroline: stared an ugly girls rack b4
6:24:13 PM caroline: u know u have

I mean, I guess it’s true, but…yeah. Anyway, I got in 87 on the art test that i thought I failed. is my inconsistent capitalization becoming cool or annoying?

Morgan is IMing me about his favorite Magic card…and I told Laiya that I had steak and she didn’t get all self-righteous vegetarian on my ass*, so i’m awesome.

i should be doing my homework, but i don’t feel like it. homework sucks. Especially global…

*not that she really does that anyway

Written by envika

March 12, 2007 at 6:18 pm

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