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Remember the short-lived “Maybe Tomorrow Mommy Will Be Proud”? It turns out that I was actually kind of serious about doing this whole comic book thing, so I’m doing this one as a bit of an exercise in both drawing and…um…being funny without having to resort to (mediocre) impressions of people. At worst it’ll be slightly funnier than the “Half Hour News Hour” and at best, an Achewood knockoff which is kind of what I’m going for.

SLIGHT P.S./UPDATE: No title yet. After two warmup strips, the first story arc is about Junior’s term paper. Wait for it…

I’ll have a new page up on the sidebar as kind of a guide/background. “Liam’s Collexione” is running dry because nothing’s funny when Moyouri is your director for your scene in theater, especially when you just did poorly on a test. But it’s the last of the year so I won’t…per-se-ver-ate…about it.

a day and a half of school. wish me luck.


Written by envika

June 11, 2007 at 1:16 pm

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