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1:12:31 PM me: i got a haircut!!!
1:12:52 PM jacob: YES!!!!!!
1:12:55 PM jacob: THANK YOUY!

the following was typed without pressing the delete key!:

i live light, on these shores tonight…

television is the greatest band ever. you know how some bands just nial it like every signle tome? oh by the way you can see how many typois im make wheni actually type. i got “the blow-up” and “double exposure’ off of oink last night and j\have concluded that it is themost mind blowing shit ever. tom verlaine’s voice was mediocre at absolute besrt but when the songs are that awesoe nobody cares.

u am quire bored this summer. nothign to do.. i’m oing to brooklin some time next week to chill with the homies there, andi think i’m seeing bad brains at some point on sunday. and eating at vic’s , the second greatest pizza know n to man. yeah.
you heard it
the gresatest

second greatest

go d i wish phoenix wright part 3 was ouit right now. there is a certain thrill in playing a case in phownix weright and beating it. it makes yhou happy in your soul. rbufidsjkbaaaaauuuuuuu think some tsdo…think of somethintg for me to do. now. i’m about to go to sleep. but i/’m hafiving not …having not only spanish steak tomomo4n3jenbugibsudfiblvbefdkb i am hssl I AM HAVING SPANTISH STEAK TONIGHT!!!and it is going to rule lall of your soulds. uey at least i hope i am, maybe not…raewre pause…i want or need to go to more partieds. and if the worls is nicre to me charisam 2io3fwerbgjolskdfbdjcharisma will hook me up with some girl she knows liek she said she would. at some poiint or anothier anyway. and i’m still listening to the television live bootlleg and it is still the awesomest music ever made. stephanien from camp is now hot. there i said it, it;s true. wooot. wooooooooooooooooot. stream of sconsciousness why the hell wdo we use it so much, it always turn ou t like this . i have what that fuv fwrb,…dude said about “jandek”: i have an etch a sketch mind. sedeeeeeddeegnhyhrsguifhbyuigerighyutrhbyibh are you LISTREINGINGNBIRBEIb listerine. i hate listerine. one time i piut it in my mouth and i think it destroyed the outer layer of my tongue. and i;m afraid of the citrus listerine too…i predict that it makes our breath smell even wourse. i ment to type “your” instead of “our” but what are you gfonna do…

i wonder how lilonfrebyif…LONG i’ve ebeen onn this computer. i think i’kkll 5tre get off soon…

i should go do other stuff. becaus e i blah.


now you get a sense of the inner machinations of my mind. i do a lot of name dropping in my head, and slip up a lot. this might be the emo-est entry yet. some people compare it to stoner-ness, but drugs will kill your ass and i therefore stay away from them/.


Written by envika

June 20, 2007 at 4:05 pm

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