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National Guitar Workshop

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I’ve been on Long Island for 2 weeks, and then I went to New MILFord (lolol bad pun) for camp! it sucked for the first day or so, but it ended up being pretty sweet. even though i really don’t feel like writing anything, there’s so much to say. so…

  • it took only a few hours before someone realized that my brother went to that camp too
  • the drum lessons were way too long
  • i got into the electric blues ensemble which ruled
  • we chilled outside the dorms or in the common room laughing at pokemon or comedy central. depends on the mood
  • i miraculously ended up with my own room
  • pat metheny came to talk about music. i only stayed for part of the lecture. he’s a good guitarist and i love his music and he knows a lot about it but i got pretty heavily pissed off when he said that almost all good music is jazz.

…and now after some awesome dominican food, i’m back home.

Kid 1 (pointing to an RA’s thunder whistle): Can I blow on this?
Kid 2: That’s what she said!


Written by envika

August 10, 2007 at 3:06 pm

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