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in an hour and change, i’m going to school again! yay/damn!

fortunately there aren’t any classes, it’s just orientation. but there’s gonna be 5 periods a week of most classes which makes me sad. wish me luck, i’ll write more when i get back

people i’m excited to see:

-ray and kenta
-caroline and charisma
-the other members of the holy trinity (laiya and anna)
-all the daniels
-james l.
-kevin yi
-aje (sorta)
-everyone’s favorite english teacher
-mr. scott (in a weird sort of way)

people that i would pay not to see
-a certain social studies teacher

and a bunch of people that i don’t really want to see but will put up with.


Written by envika

September 5, 2007 at 9:09 am

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