Stoopid Sheep


an abstract metaphysical conversation with stephen cheung

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9:59:02 PM Liam: grep
9:59:20 PM Steve: who’s your science teacher?
9:59:26 PM Liam: grep
9:59:45 PM Steve: you will pay for my balls with yours
9:59:52 PM Steve: got it?
9:59:56 PM Liam: did you know that i want to kill myself
10:00:04 PM Steve: seems like everyone wants to
10:00:10 PM Steve: they alll seem depressed
10:01:45 PM Liam: i am
10:01:53 PM Liam: the red
10:01:54 PM Liam: cat
10:02:01 PM Steve: i am the checkered cat
10:02:44 PM Liam: you are the checkered stephen
10:03:07 PM Steve: you are the yo man
10:04:37 PM Liam: i am no yo man, i am the oy man
10:04:47 PM Steve: that’s even worse
10:04:55 PM Steve: for i am the carpenter
10:05:06 PM Liam: nobody bleeds for the carpenter
10:05:13 PM Steve: you do
10:05:45 PM Liam: i won’t deny a certain affiliation to dead bodies
10:06:04 PM Steve: yes you will
10:06:27 PM Steve: if you do deny it, then there is no affiliation
10:06:36 PM Steve: if there is no affiliation then there is no denial
10:07:00 PM Liam: a certain lie is told by a stephen somewhere in the tristate area
10:07:21 PM Steve: that certain lie is not so certain
10:07:34 PM Steve: for the probability of it being certain is certainly incorrect
10:08:36 PM Liam: the probability of lies in your conjecture
10:08:43 PM Liam: period
10:08:56 PM Steve: that is not even a statement!
10:09:35 PM Liam: incompletefallacious grief
10:09:53 PM Steve: you’re falling apart
10:09:57 PM Steve: please get out of here
10:10:04 PM Steve: eh-ohhh!!!
10:10:07 PM Steve: EH-OHHH!!!
10:10:09 PM Liam: tree of falling apart no
10:10:12 PM Steve: he’s comingggg!!!
10:10:13 PM Steve: NOOO
10:10:20 PM Liam: edible teletubbies
10:10:21 PM Steve: WASH OF DEATHLY RAYS!!
10:10:26 PM Steve: GRAGGGHHH
10:10:30 PM Steve: I can’t make itttttttttt…
10:10:37 PM Liam: wash of jd salinger in a motorcycle exhaust pipe
10:10:40 PM Steve: if i don’t make it, then i need cookiesssssssss
10:10:56 PM Steve: i can feel it in my arse boy
10:11:07 PM Steve: it isn’t going to be a good girl
10:11:17 PM Steve: it’s going to be a veritable pain in the ass, i can tell
10:11:31 PM Liam: about six cookies remain until you can redeem them for a +15 arse of extremeticularpainhate
10:11:40 PM Steve: please tell mey grandma that she never gave me baseball cards
10:12:01 PM Steve: and go tell my frannies to get womens
10:12:06 PM Steve: and guns
10:12:12 PM Steve: goooood byyyyyyeee worlddd
10:12:16 PM Steve: good byeeee
10:12:35 PM Liam: good bye multiantivacuumaluniverse
10:13:19 PM Liam: no steve


Written by envika

October 3, 2007 at 9:12 pm

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  1. talk to me steve


    October 7, 2007 at 7:43 pm

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