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march break? friggin’…

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sucks. i have done basically nothing, except entertaining some guests on easter which came a month early. the internet died for three or four days before the verizon people finally got their shit together and came to fix it, not to mention my second bout of walking pneumonia this year (maybe it was bronchitis, but we didn’t go to the doctor and see).

oh, and working on the global outline. i don’t think i’ve ever done a paper that’s motivated me so goddamn little. ms. kudera, if you’re reading this, kindly go die. actually if i survive today and whatever time i have tomorrow, thursday and friday are gonna be okay, but i have a global test on the 3rd and then the first draft of the paper on the 8th. that’s actually an acceptable amount of time, it’s just such an unpleasant prospect. especially because between last year’s awesome term paper (i a-minused that one with minimal effort) and this one, something terrible has happened to my attention span. also, that math test on friday will be the death of me. and i forgot about the impending bio term paper, as well as the art project. the math test ain’t gonna be too fun either.

but you know what? i got into senior jazz ensemble, the hell i’m gonna be fazed by a term paper.

also, i’m spending WAY too much time writing this.

my first electronics experiment last night didn’t go to well–thanks, dad, for your improperly drawn schematic–but i learned that i’m actually pretty good at soldering, so more such experiments will take place in future.

i would love to overhaul “liam’s collexione” once again, but nobody’s been especially funny recently. maybe i’ll put up one or something.

this month has been one of the fastest of my life, in a mostly-but-nowhere-near-entirely good way. i’m temporarily inconvenienced by school, but i’m not totally depressed.

oh, sweet, i can add custom characters?



Written by envika

March 25, 2008 at 12:08 pm

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  1. Ooooh!! April is coming! Cheer up. Can non-Hunter parents attend Senior Jazz Ensemble concerts? I have Asian kids, if that helps.

    Angelina Jolie

    March 30, 2008 at 11:42 pm

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