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stress relief mid-term-paper

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9:36:40 PM Stephen: btw, what’s your title?
9:36:43 PM Stephen: to your essay?
9:37:02 PM Liam: “the anal rape orgy that [was] spain’s imperialist rule over cuba”
9:37:27 PM Stephen: calm down, liam. geez, i’m starting to think everything is an absolute orgy to you
9:37:47 PM Stephen: no, really, what is it?
9:38:12 PM Liam: no tengo un titulo
9:39:01 PM Stephen: ahh…i’ve no idea how to write up a title…wait, how do you anally rape a country?
9:40:31 PM Liam: you have to dig a hole in the very center of the capital
9:40:43 PM Liam: and then stick your junk in it
9:40:44 PM Stephen: wait, no let me guess?
9:40:48 PM Stephen: you stick the flag into it
9:40:51 PM Stephen: and unfurl it
9:41:02 PM Stephen: specifically, the spanish flag
9:41:07 PM Liam: :

just gotta do a conclusion then i’m done with the draft


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April 13, 2008 at 8:37 pm

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