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just when i thought the workload was gonna be easier, this bio term paper sneaks up on me. i’m about halfway done with revisions, wish me some luck will ya?

i like to write on this thing occasionally. it gives me a sense that somewhere i have an outlet for brief, pointless musings. i’ma make a list of upcoming work, ‘k?

  1. spanish test tomorrow (not worried at all)
  2. english essay draft monday, final draft i think the week after (fairly worried)
  3. weird abstract english project involving me and two other people being teacher-for-a-day (workload is split, not terribly worried)
  4. catcher in the rye creative project (i like that book somewhat, so i guess i could have fun with this…)
  5. bio test next thursday (i always ace those)
  6. at some point, another math test (slightly, but not terribly worried. i need motivation to apply myself in that god damn class anyway)
  7. one or two more art quizzes (the hardest most meticulous little shits ever, but she grades them so easy!)
  8. probably one more global test. hopefully only one.
  9. finals: math (not worried), global (terrified), bio (not worried), spanish?

i’m sure there’s more. screw you school, my mind is 99% shut off and it’s barely mid-may.


Written by envika

May 15, 2008 at 7:59 pm

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